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MB2 Dental; a Firm Build for Dentists

MB2 dental is a company that was formed by dentists to support other dentists. Dentistry is a noble profession but the challenges that the industry experiences have made it impossible for some people to succeed. That is the reason why the MB2 was designed to help the dentist enjoy a decent earning.

It is a firm that focuses on providing different services to their affiliated partners so that they could focus on taking care of their patients. Patient care is a key component in the success of the dentistry business. It is due to that reason that all the services are geared to providing patient satisfaction. The different services that you will get include;

« Human resources; these services focus on the employee growth, wellness and development. They also assess the employee motivation according to the goals of the company.

« Recruitment; they will help you get the best staff in the market. The team ensures that the employees you get will deliver the best of services to your patients. Learn more about more MB2 Dental:

« Accounting and finance; the firm has a finance department that will ensure that all the accounting procedures are handled according to the rules. They also prepare and keep all the financial records. You don’t have to worry about the IRS as the firm will ensure tax payments are taken care off.

« Marketing services; the team focuses on growing your brand which will help to increase your profitability. They will work with you so as to develop a customized plan for your business.

« Compliance; you don’t worry about the regulations as the team will ensure that all your procedures comply with the dental regulations. They audit the firms every month so as to keep you in check.

« IT services; you will get your technology needs taken care of by the company. They will provide you with data management services.

« Training; they have a MB2 university that will provide your employees with knowledge on how to take care of the patients.

« Procurement; MB2 dental has partnered with different suppliers who will provide you with all the supplies you need for your business, according to White Pages.

« Business development; they ensure all the operations of the company is going as planned

The management

  1. Chris Steven Villanueva is the man behind the concept. He is the founder and the CEO of the firm. Justin Puckett is the president while Justin Carroll is the chief operating officer.

Betsy DeVos Philanthropic Activities

Betsy DeVos was recently nominated to be the secretary of education in Trump administration pending confirmation by the Congress. Other than fortune and looking after herself, Betsy DeVos has been very active when it comes to helping the less fortunate in the society. However, her philanthropic activities and efforts are shaped by her conservative political views as well as her Christian beliefs. In the year 2015 alone, Betsy DeVos donated a sum of $10 million to help the less fortunate. At the same time, she promised to give an additional $3.2 that would be given as time goes by. Betsy DeVos is married to Dick Devos, the son of billionaire Richard Devos who is ranked as one of the top 100 richest men in America.

Betsy DeVos philanthropy goes back to the year 1989. One of the sector that Betsy DeVos has been keen to fund is the education sector. Below is a breakdown of the philanthropic work of the US secretary of education.

Loudspeaker Media Inc.

Some few months ago, Betsy DeVos donated a sum of $ 400,000 to help the Loudspeaker Media founder to launch her education website. The founder of this site is a former CNN anchor called Campbell Brown. Other than this donation, Betsy DeVos donated $400,000 to Brown’s other venture called The Partnership for Educational Justice.

Success Academy Charter Schools

Regarding this institution, Betsy DeVos donated $150,000 in the year 2015. Furthermore, she pledged another sum of $150,000 that will be donated in the future. At the same time, Betsy DeVos made another donation of $5,000 to the GREAAT Schools. This happens to be a non-profit charter management company. This is according to a report obtained by the POLITICO from the tax returns made by the secretary of education. Another school that benefits from Betsy DeVos is the Potter’s House. Betsy DeVos says that the school played a major role in her interest in the school choice advocacy. Potter’s House is a Christian school that is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Betsy DeVos also made a donation of 100 grand to the Alliance for School Choice. This a non-profit organization that works closely with the American Federation for Children. At one time, Betsy DeVos served as the chair of this firm. Another organization that has received some funds from Betsy DeVos is the Foundation for Excellence in Education. This is a foundation that was launched by Jeb Bush and received a sum 50 grand from Betsy DeVos.

Betsy DeVos has also worked with colleges and Universities. Some of these institutions that have received her funding include University of Maryland College Park Foundation that received $500,000 from Betsy DeVos Foundation. Other universities include Ferris State University, Davenport University, Calvin College and Wake Forest University. Follow her on Twitter.

Julie Zuckerberg Has a Remarkable Eye for Talent

Julie Zuckerberg is the talent acquisition lead at long standing investment bank, Deutsche Bank in New York. She handles private, wealth and commercial clients as well as asset management and GTO. She has a long track record of leading teams of recruiters and providing strategic direction for the companies she’s worked for. She’s predominantly worked in the financial services industry with the exception of New York Life Insurance Company. As she’s been the Vice President and Recruiter at Deutsche Bank, she has held the same positions at the financial giant Citi.


Being an executive recruiter, her job mainly consists of finding the ideal candidate for a position. She began down this career path in 2002, where she recruited attorneys, case managers, paralegals, financial institutions, and corporations at Hudson. At Hudson, Zuckerberg worked more directly with employees, providing them information about benefits, working conditions, and opportunities to take advantage of promotions. She remained at Hudson as a Director of Candidate placement for 5 years before taking on the same line of work at Citi.


Zuckerberg moved on to Citi and remained there a little longer, a total of 6 years. She took the lead on developing complex job offers, claw backs, equity buyouts, deferred awards, global relocation, and even expatriate processes. At Citi, the experienced recruiter took on the task of sourcing talent globally. She also managed the search firms that find talent. Search firms were selected by Zuckerberg and she also negotiated the fees. All of the candidates that came from the search firm were vetted by Zuckerberg.


Zuckerberg began providing full life cycle recruitment and talent strategy planning at New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. She worked directly with senior executives to find creative solutions for client needs. She only stayed at New York Life Insurance Company for four months before moving on to the year she spent as the Vice President and Executive Recruiter at Deutsche Bank.


At this point in her career, she began consulting with her managers on different sourcing strategies including; search firms, networking, internal mobility and direct sourcing. She continues to handle managerial level offers at her current position at Deutsche Bank. Julie Zuckerberg focuses on improving the recruitment process and acts as the manager of Managing Director offers. She still has a team to lead and provide strategic direction to. Zuckerberg continues to be relied on to provide top notch talent for positions in the banking and investment world.


In a short amount of time, Zuckerberg has created an incredibly impactful recruiting background. Negotiations, interviewing, and conflict resolution are a few of her many professional strengths. Her education includes attended the City University of New York Brooklyn College and the New York Law School where she studied philosophy. Aside from her professional life, she enjoys art, music, and food. Her hobbies include photography and running.


Reversing Citizens United

In 2010 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a (5–4) decision that because of our First Amendment rights, regarding free speech, the government could not restrict political donations by a nonprofit corporation, a for-profit corporation, labor unions and other associations. The case was known as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and the results have dramatically changed our elections process on Facebook. It confirmed the legal rights of billionaires and special interests to spend unlimited amounts of untraceable money to influence America’s elections; meaning there is no accountability, no transparency or recourse when billionaires and corporations try to change the outcome of elections in an attempt to gain political power on

There are millions of American’s who are very concerned about this decision and have decided to launch a campaign to get it overturned. In 2015 a new political action committee was formed, and End Citizens United established. End Citizens United dedicated to reversing the terrible effects of this decision by changing funding for political candidates. End Citizens United will make candidates, voters and officials already in office aware the grassroots are fighting back with considerable force against the corporations and billionaires who are buying our elections. Building a coalition with broad appeal that will work toward campaign finance reform by pressuring legislators to take action is important.

The coalition plans to do this by supporting like-minded candidates running in races they feel will be competitive in upcoming elections on These candidates will be Democrats running for office in both the House and Senate who they know will advocate for campaign finance reform with the eventual goal of supporting the constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Realizing many Republican and Independent voters believe campaign finance is out of control, the Republican-controlled Congress will not do anything to overturn this terrible Supreme Court ruling. End Citizens United have announced support for candidates such as former Sen. Russ Feingold, Wisconsin and Sen. Michael Bennet, Colorado and several others. The support will include television advertising, direct mail, and assistance in polling. End Citizens United has already attracted several hundred thousand supporters and with its partnership with Hillary Clintons PAC will have a mailing list of over 4 million people that will solicit liberal supporters.

End Citizens United realize they have a long way to go to accomplish their goal of passing a Constitutional amendment, not accomplished since 1992. A constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds approval from the House and Senate, and three-fourths of the states have to ratify it. Because of the extreme partisan politics in Washington, the massive amounts of money coming from the Koch brothers and other dark-money groups combined with the majority Republicans hold in many state houses as well as Washington this will be an up-hill fight.

The Contributions of Eric Pulier In Determining the Future of Entrepreneurial World

Many people have invested in different financial and entrepreneurial fields in the recent years. This has been facilitated with the increased number of investment priorities that have been witnessed with the rise and expansion of the global market. Many other professionals have also taken center stage in transforming these fields. Eric Pulier is a recognized business personality and entrepreneur that has invested in the financial world over many years. He is gifted with the gift of developing and spearheading the achievements of many companies globally. His skills of developing businesses from scratch to international levels have been witnessed by the rising number of companies he has participated in their establishment. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey, United States of America. Due to his love for technology, he began computer programing when he was still in high school. This was his major contribution towards establishment of a company that would later grow into a recognized entity. He later joined Harvard University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and American literature. He has been termed as one of the most innovative person to have attended the Harvard University.

After graduating from the university, he established a company called people doing things. This was a company that focused in finding solutions to everyday life challenges. The company focused in addressing life challenges using technology. The incorporation of technology in the company enabled health care and education system to find a platform in which they used to address their challenges. He also established Star bright World which is a social platform that has been used by people suffering from related diseases to air their views and sentiments. This has resulted in the development of proper healthcare and provision of improved services to patients.

Eric Pulier has participated in the philanthropic activities that have touched the lives of many people across the world. He has generously contributed towards the Painted Turtle which is an organization that deals with people suffering from chronic diseases. He also participated in the Clinton foundation where he has contributed towards ensuring effective cloud computing while significantly reducing the cost of operation in communities around US.


Hussain Sajwani Ties to President Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates-based real estate developer. He is the founder of DAMAC properties. He is 61 years old, married with four children. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in business and a major in economics. He got the first job as a manager at GASCO, a subsidiary company of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. A few years later, in 1982, Sajwani went out on his own and formed DAMAC LLC that eventually became DAMAC Group. DAMAC Properties has its headquarters in Dubai. It deals with engineering, construction, architecture and real estate development.


Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, the company has employed over 2000 employees. Its shares are publicly traded in the Dubai financial market. The real estate development company has delivered over 16,800 homes. Joining forces with fashion and lifestyle brands has ensured the company stays ahead of the competition. These two industries identify the current trends in the market and consequently, aid in the design of the apartments.


Sajwani seeks to expand his business relation with the United States after the election of his longtime friend, President Donald Trump. The two entrepreneurs spent the New Year’s Eve together and had worked together in the development of Trump International Golf Club. The Villas set up have sold and brought in a revenue of over $ 2 billion. Sajwani said that his relationship with the president extends beyond the business ties. He stated that their families have close relationships. Sajwani added that his wife and Ivanka had been long time friends. The president family has visited them in Dubai. He and his family also visited Trump and family in New York where they had dinner and lunch on a regular basis.


Besides his business ties and elevations, Hussain Sajwani has participated in several philanthropic activities. In the recent past, Sajwani donated two million AED to a campaign that aims at clothing a million needy children across the globe. The donation was enough to clothe over 50,000 children. Mr. Sajwani said that the youths are the society of the future, the future leaders and should be provided with the right environment to achieve.

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Sam Boraie Continues To Bring Revitalization To New Brunswick

Sam Boraie, the real estate developer based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has launched a brand new development project that will add to his company’s legacy of revitalizing the once-depressed city. The Aspire is the latest in a series of luxury developments that Boraie Development has introduced over the last several decades. View his bio for more info.

The Aspire has all of the modern luxuries that you would expect with a Boraie property. The studio apartments boast a completely modern design and offer stainless steel appliances, spacious bedrooms and balconies boasting gorgeous park views.

At 16 stories, The Aspire is providing almost 240 apartments to a New Brunswick neighborhood that continues to attract young, hip professionals looking to begin their careers. This influx of young professionals is in large part the result of the accomplishments of Sam’s father Omar.

According to, Omar Boraie came to New Brunswick over 40 years ago and saw enormous opportunity as soon as he laid eyes on the city. During that time, the post-industrial city was run down and its streets saw record levels of crime activity. When Omar informed his friends that he saw potential in the city’s future, they thought that he was crazy.

However, Omar had the last laugh. He immediately began buying up blocks of the rundown city and replacing dilapidated dwellings and storefronts with luxurious condominiums and retail space. Slowly but surely, new businesses began to move in. With new business came new residents.

Today, Sam works closely by his father Omar Boraie‘s side, constantly developing new strategies to better the city and improve its economy. You could say that the Boraie family is devoted to New Jersey. Sam currently sits on the Board of Trustees for the historical State Theater in New Brunswick which provides the area with arts and culture. He also works closely with Elijah’s Promise, a local nonprofit charity that provides food and jobs for underprivileged New Jersey residents.

The Aspire will undoubtedly be yet another great success for the Boraie family as well as the city of New Brunswick. Thanks to the dedication of both father and son, the city has seen a steady increase of economic growth.

Talk Fusion Proves They are at the Top of the Game

What would it take to prove that you are the best at what you do? Well, a positive reputation would go a long way and certainly some quality word of mouth. How about an award that honors the top people in your industry? Talk Fusion, one of the leaders in video marketing on the web, was recently awarded the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for their work on the Video Chat application. The Video Chat application has almost single-handedly changed the game for marketers looking to push into the video field.

Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 and since then the company has gone on something of an astronomical ascent to the top of the industry. Reina is one of the hardest working CEO’s in the business because he created his business out of need. In 2007 Reina had been looking for a platform that would allow him to use video integration to market his products. None existed to the level that he needed. Now, under ten years later, his company is being awarded a coveted accolade from the people at Technology Marketing Corporation.

Rich Tehrani is the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and he was quick to give praise to the guys and girls behind the work at Talk Fusion. Tehrani said that they were, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Pretty high regards, right? Tehrani is used to giving out this yearly award but perhaps he met his hyperbole match in the high quality Video Chat app designed by Reina and Co.

Reina himself was quick to chime in when news broke that Talk Fusion had been handed the award. Reina made it clear that they were just getting started by saying, “Our talented IT team has big plans for the future” while referencing the fact that their goal was to constantly keep “staying ahead of the curve.” There are already plans put in place to upgrade the Video Chat application even further for 2017.

Nobody Can Tell Me That Ignition Financial Isn’t The Best

I’m a customer who has a great story to tell about Ignition Financial and how they were able to slash my payments. I had a perfect history of payments that lasted about two years before I was encouraged to try refinancing, but the bid to refinance my vehicle took a turn for the worse. I didn’t want to simply settle with one company, and I wasn’t getting help from my original lender, so I did a lot of shopping around. It took weeks for me to visit just about every lender in my area, and I wasn’t getting any success with finding a better loan.


For some reason, every lender wanted to give me a loan that had a much higher interest rate than I knew I qualified for, so I asked a friend what she suggested that I do, and she happily told me about Ignition Financial. She was unaware that I was in the market to refinance my vehicle, which is why she had never come forward with the information before. She sat down and explained to me what Ignition Financial was able to do for her as well as what they could do for me. She told me to fill out the online application first.


After completing the application on the Ignition Financial website, I was contacted very quickly by an employee from Ignition Financial, and I loved how professional they were when we spoke over the phone. I was able to choose a day and time that I could go into their offices, and I was very happy that I went in as soon as I did. The professional worker laid out several different lender options for me, and I couldn’t believe how low the interest rates were going to be. I was paying 20% interest elsewhere, but Ignition Financial had lenders offering me as low as 10% interest.


I remember looking up to the sky and saying “thank you,” because I felt like I had been blessed to find Ignition Financial because no other lenders were willing to give me such amazing rates. On top of getting great rates, the terms for my loan were something that I not only could live with but something that seemed like it would be a breeze compared to my previous loan. I now have lower payments, my interest rates have been cut in half, and I have refinanced my vehicle with Ignition Financial.


LinkBuilders Hires Online Management Reputable Consultant Chris Lyons

Lyons Hired at Link Builders

In December 2016, The Link Builders hired Chris Lyons as their new Social Media Director. Lyons has had a very lucrative career starting in hospitality work and managed multi-million dollar businesses in Las Vegas. Then he moved to Philadelphia and opened a restaurant, which he ran until 2010. From there, Lyons has been managing numerous companies as an independent consultant for their digital marketing. As a result, Lyons taught himself how to manage internet marketing brands, competitive analysis, brand developments, etc. When he founded the online marketing agency, Nextd Group in 2013, he became reputable for his conscientious attention to detail, turning ideas into mega-successes and becoming familiar with the ever-updating landscape of the Internet.

As a result, Link Builders sees Lyons as the perfect fit for their Social Media Director position. A spokesperson for Link Builders recently stated that the company just experienced a rapid growth within the last year. The other Link Builders’ staff is very optimistic that the growth will likely continue under Lyon’s leadership.

About and a Brief Background of Link Builders

Link Builders has built millions of clients since its inception in 2011. With it, they have also built a reputation for offering top-quality brands and online management at affordable budgets. They also believe in keeping expectations realistic and statistical results.

Link Builder was founded in Maryland and began as a two-man platform. The main goal of the founders was to provide an online management outlet at affordable pricing. Today, it has become more than a reality. It has also become one of the biggest successes in online reputation management so far.